Audacity is not spyware, clarification from Muse Group

It caused quite a stir there new privacy policy published by Muse Group in early July. Reading the list of collected data it seems that Audacity has become spyware (the first fork have already appeared online). The new owner of the software has provided some clarification on the matter.

Audacity is not spyware

Muse Group ha absolutely denied that the data is shared or sold with third parties. In any case, their number is rather small. In addition to the CPU type and the version of the operating system, theIP address, but after 24 hours it becomes unrecoverable. Information relating to errors is collected only with the consent of the users.

No data, other than those indicated above, is provided to governments or police forces. The data are eventually delivered only after a formal one court request. The new privacy policy does not apply touso offline Audacity (the data is transmitted only in the presence of an Internet connection). The Muse Group legal team will make some changes to make the policy clearer.

The IP address, which becomes unreadable after 24 hours, only serves to offer two new features that will be introduced in the next one version 3.0.3 of the software, or the automatic updates and the error reporting (but only with the consent of the users). Audacity 3.0.2 it does not collect any data, so you might as well avoid installing the update.

Muse Group has not however clarified why the use of the software is forbidden to children under 13. The General Public License does not include this restriction.

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