Be a purple cow (and good luck)

If you clicked on this title, the reason is probably one above all: because it is an original title, out of the ordinary, particular, able to capture attention thanks to its peculiar nature. But your click will not be wasted, because it belongs to one purple cow we’re about to talk. It is not that of a well-known brand of chocolate (although in its time the advertising function was exactly the same), but it is instead the paradigm used by Seth Godin to explain the central issue he sees in today’s marketing levers.

The Purple Cow

His book “The purple cow: getting noticed (and making a fortune) in a brown world”Is on offer in Kindle format for only 8,99 euro and it is a dive into the soul of marketing and visibility that any brand, company or professional should feed on. The concept is simple: why should the market notice one cow among many others if they all look alike? Why should a different cow garner more attention regardless, net of differences or merits?

According to Seth Godin, the “5 Ps” are not only many more now, but they no longer have too much to tell: product, price, promotion, positioning, advertising, packaging, word of mouth, permit and how many others represent an essential mix for understanding marketing, but they still don’t hit the mark. To these is then added a further “P”: “Purple cow”, that is the ability to be noticed in the midst of an indistinct mass of like:

A few years ago I went to France with my family. I remember that, traveling on the highway, we were enchanted to see the hundreds of cows grazing in the gently rolling countryside, in a scenario that seemed straight out of a storybook. […] After about twenty minutes, however, we began to ignore the cows. Those that appeared in front of us were the same as those we had just seen, and what initially surprised us had now become completely normal, even worse, banal. […] A Purple Cow. That would arouse interest (at least for a while).

The extraordinariness is the key. The one that breaks the rules, that stands out from the norm, that knows how to capture attention thanks to its being out of the ordinary. “The author explains how to put a Purple Cow in everything you do and everything you create“, Introduces the card.

If you want to be successful, in short, be a purple cow. It is not enough, but it is the first fundamental step. Good luck.

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