Beach speaker, you’ve never seen it so small

In the bag for the beach you will have to put the towel, creams, glasses, wallet, smartphone, a hat, a spare costume and who knows how many other things. No, it is impossible to think about putting it too bluetooth to accompany the day: they no longer fit, they are heavy, they clutter, you can do without them.

Sure? What if it was a small chest? And if it were even small … so?

If it were small like this it would fit anywhere. So here it is EWA A 106, l’portable, waterproof and tiny Bluetooth speaker, able to guarantee up to 12 hours of continuous playback. All you have to do is pair it to your smartphone and play all the music you want to have a day of relaxation and fun.

Solo 177 grams in just 4,8 x 4,8 x 4,1 cm of volume. Whether on the beach, in the hammock, in the pool, during a walk or what else, with this weight and these dimensions you can take it really anywhere (even with the help of a supplied case that allows it to be hooked up to hands-free use).

EWA A 106

No microphone, no jack: just Bluetooth and essential features, to be able to keep the cost down in an equally mini size: just 18.99 euros. Perfect, in short: if you think about your beach bag, your backpack for the mountains or your handbag for the walk, you will see that it fits. After all, it is small. Small baby. Small so.

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