Because of Disney: Mega blockbuster forces cinemas to boycott

Disney’s problematic business model

Disney and its streaming service Disney + are causing displeasure in the German cinema landscape.


Only in May did Cineplex, Kinopolis, the Filmpalast Group and the Astor Group The “Cinema-Family-Group” formed the negotiating group to talk to the distributors about the exploitation window for international films. In the wake of the pandemic and the ongoing boom in streaming offers, studios and distributors are increasingly tending to make their films exclusively available to cinemas for significantly shorter time frames. A trend that makes negotiations necessary.

Regarding “Black Widow”, however, a statement by Kinopolis according to the “the terms and conditions of use” changed for this and other films very much to the disadvantage of the cinemas. “With a heavy heart” you will therefore refrain from playing the potential hit in your own home. Visitors to the Astor and Traumpalast cinemas were advised of the possible lack of films, and a specific title has now been named.

In the example of Savoy in Hamburg, which belongs to the Astor Group, the talk is of “productions that are available on streaming platforms as soon as they start in the cinema”. Due to the lower visitor potential as a result, the film is now of less value for the house, especially since high rental fees had to be paid in the past. In this context it should be mentioned that Disney has been charging the highest fees from cinemas for years. Up to 50 percent of the ticket price goes directly to the mouse company, with other distributors the proportion is lower. It can be assumed that other cinemas will follow suit. Internationally operated chains such as UCI, Cinestar, Cinemaxx and the houses of K-Motion will show “Black Widow”.

The Savoy also states that the “current model is being questioned by some film distributors”. In fact, “Black Widow” will be released on Disney + just a day later, starting July 9th. There it will initially only be available for streaming as a VIP title for 21.99 euros. From October 6th it should be available as a regular subscription.

If you don’t have Disney + access yet and prefer to watch “Black Widow” at home, can buy a subscription for EUR 8.99 per month.

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