Because we study the Sun in multicolor

One filter at a time, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory returns peculiar aspects of our star. A video summarizes its potential

In our eyes the Sole appears white, but NASA’s instruments manage to dissect its light. The Solar Dynamics Observatory, the probe that has been orbiting closely around our star for eleven years (and which has given us millions of images), is able to filter the sunlight into ten different ways, thanks to which it is possible to distinguish the material on its surface according to the temperature.

And each of which can highlight aspects that would otherwise be possible to investigate, such as the movement of the material of the crown (think of the solar flares), but also the internal characteristics of the star, a sort of “eye” capable of detecting seismic phenomena.

In this video from the US Space Agency, we take a closer look at how these tools and tools work spectacular photos that allow you to collect.

(Credit video: Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center)

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