Become a Blockchain Innovation Manager: here’s how

Blockchain: revolution or vaporware story? Are you ready to make it your future profession or do you circumvent it with caution, waiting to understand if it can really be a keystone or not? Faced with the great junctures of history, moreover, there is no room for ambivalence: either you get on board, or you miss the train, regardless of where this train can arrive. If the Blockchain world (Bitcoin ed Ethereum in particular) has caught your attention, however, it’s time to make a decision and one 84% discount it could be an excellent lever to facilitate the choice.

Blockchain Innovation Manager: the course

The online course for “Blockchain Innovation Manager” is available on Udemy for only 14.99 euros. 5 hours of on-demand video, 19 downloadable resources and everything you need to know to start your journey (whose insights will depend on your attitudes, ideas or needs). A course updated to 2021, therefore with all the most innovative notions of the moment, signed by the teacher Francesco Scullino.

These are the main times of the course:

  • All types of Blockchains and their main characteristics
  • La tecnologia DLT (Distributed Ledger Tecnology)
  • The structure and functioning of the main Permissionless Blockchains: Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Notarization, i.e. writing / recording on the Ethereum and Algorand Blockchains
  • La Blockchain Algorand
  • Install and use a Wallet to transfer digital value and use Smart Contracts
  • Upload and execute Smart Contracts on the Ethereum main network using Remix and Solidity
  • What is Tokenomics
  • Use the Blockchain explorers
  • Practical applications of the Blockchain in strategic sectors
  • What is being done in Italy and in Europe
  • How the Blockchain can integrate into the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
  • The possible impacts of the Blockchain on the economic and productive fabric
  • The theoretical and practical concepts and notions necessary to become a BLOCKCHAIN ​​INNOVATION MANAGER

You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the profession of Blockchain Innovation Manager, in the current working context in which you already operate, or to propose yourself on the job market and take up a totally new profession, which will be increasingly needed in the coming years . You will learn the operation of the main permissionless Blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and you will understand the differences compared to the permissioned, public and private ones.

A simple and decidedly low-cost way to get on board and open a door to the future. The course is available and is available today at bargain prices. Now it’s your turn.

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