Biden’s ultimatum to Putin

Biden and Putin had initiated a dialogue at the Geneva meeting last month. Yesterday, the two presidents continued the speech with a telephone conversation, during which Biden asked Putin to intervene to put an end to the numerous ransomware attacks that have affected companies and critical infrastructures in the United States. It is basically a kind of ultimatum. Biden to Putin: stop the attacks or we do US companies, government agencies and critical infrastructures have been the target of various cyber attacks in recent months. This highlighted the vulnerabilities of security systems and therefore the need for strengthen defenses. US intelligence attributed the attacks to Russian cybercriminal groups, including the infamous REvil. Following the case SolarWinds, Biden has inserted some Russian companies blacklisted, but the situation has worsened with recent ransomware attacks against Colonial Pipeline, JBS e KaseyaAt the Geneva meeting, Biden handed Putin a list of 16 critical infrastructures to be considered “off-limits”. The United States will not tolerate any attacks carried out by Russian cybercriminals. Although the Kremlin is not directly involved, the US government believes that Russia can do something to prevent attacks from its territory. The Russian security services have every means to identify and block these cybercriminals official press release it is emphasized that the United States will take all necessary actions to defend citizens and critical infrastructures (economic sanctions are foreseen in addition to possible counter-offensives). official press release Kremlin: In relation to recent reports on a series of cyber attacks apparently carried out from Russian territory, Vladimir Putin noted that, despite Russia’s willingness to block criminal demonstrations in the information space through a concerted effort, no demands on these issues are been received by US agencies in the past month. At the same time, considering the scale and gravity of the challenges in this area, Russia and the United States must maintain permanent, professional and non-politicized cooperation. This must be conducted through specialized channels of information exchange between authorized government agencies, through bilateral judicial mechanisms and in compliance with the provisions of international law. Leaders stressed the need for detailed and constructive cooperation on cybersecurity and the continuation of such contacts.

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