Bigger iMac with Apple Silicon chip reportedly still in the works

Apple is reportedly working on a larger version of the iMac, and therefore more efficient. With an Apple Silicon chip which would be the M1X … or the M2X.

Apple had created a pretty sensation with its new iMac equipped with an Apple Silicon chip, the M1 chip in this case. The new machine, very colorful, is very interesting in terms of performance but some could blame the Cupertino company for the absence of a larger iMac, and therefore more powerful. This could happen “soon”.

The large iMac with Apple Silicon chip reportedly in development

A few months ago, Apple introduced its iMac M1. However, it was only available in one size, 24 inches in this case. As you may know, before that, the apple brand offered a 21 inch version and a 27 inch version. So there is a good chance that a bigger iMac with Apple Silicon chip is in the works.

With an M1X chip? Or maybe M2X?

But where is this device? If we are to believe Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, and more precisely his newsletter Power On, it seems that this larger, more powerful version is still in development in Apple’s labs. According to him, the machine wouldn’t necessarily arrive before the end of the year and it could be powered by an M1X or M2X chip.

If this is the second option, then this great iMac would probably not arrive before the end of 2022. Indeed, the Cupertino company should not launch its M1X chip before the end of the year, with the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches, and the M2 chip would see the light of day in early 2022. Which means the M2X chip would arrive after that, at the end of 2022 it seems.

In other words, if you absolutely need a large iMac right away, you will need to buy the Intel model. If you can wait long months, you can get your hands on this new machine. We don’t know anything about this great iMac but the rumors and other leaks are expected to intensify in the coming months. To be continued !

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