BlackBerry vs Twitter: patents and messages

Documents filed yesterday speak of a lawsuit filed by BlackBerry and who sees Twitter in the crosshairs of the Canadian group. According to what is learned from the cards, the 280-character social network allegedly exploited some proprietary technologies in an unauthorized manner to fine-tune its messaging systems, more particularly its applications dedicated to communication between users.

BlackBerry vs. Twitter, a matter of patents

You are i patents broken by Twitter, according to BlackBerry, in an attempt to regain lost ground against the competition in terms of solutions dedicated to messages. The North American group was among the first to move in this territory, proposing its Messenger solution and developing a software dedicated to the management of e-mail on the move which for some time constituted a real point of reference for users linked to the brands, especially in the business area. Below is an excerpt from the documentation filed with the US District Court in Los Angeles in translated form.

Twitter has managed to alienate users from BlackBerry products and services, bringing them to its own, appropriating in an unauthorized way the features we created and which initially allowed us to obtain an important commercial success.

Reuters editorial team contacted Twitter for a statement about the story, but no replies have come from the social network. It is not the first time that BlackBerry points the finger at other realities in the hi-tech and social sectors for issues related to patents and messaging: it happened last year with Facebook e Snap, with other lawsuits based on completely similar reasons.

The group, after abandoning the production and marketing of smartphone in recent years (following results below the expectations collected by Android models), he is now engaged on the software front, with the development of tools dedicated among other things to the management of mobile devices. BlackBerry is also working on technologies for self-driving cars.

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