Blockchain, take your first step

If your interests are hopelessly attracted to the world Blockchain, you will not be able to help but get your hands dirty entering this new world to really understand where the best opportunities lie for your future, for your profession, for your ideas and for your finances. On the day when the news of a Soros engaged in investing in Bitcoin emerges, it cannot be otherwise, in short: interest returns to rise, the market returns to whisper.

If your interests are on the Blockchain, in short, sooner or later you will not be able to help but take your first step. To gain awareness, to understand what lies behind the aura of the magic word of the moment.

Blockchain, the first step

The first step can cost very little and can be worth a lot, but the choice is yours and based on the front you intend to direct your commitment to: a video lesson course complete with final certification or a book in which to sink your reading?

The course: € 14.99 (-79%)

The course is the one already awarded by the Udemy community: a complete path on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, AltCoin to understand how to invest and how to manage the ups and downs of the market. Seven hours of on-demand video, 2 articles, 55 downloadable resources to tap into.

The book: € 7.99 (-68%)

The book, published by Hoepli, looks like “a guide that allows you to acquire a real understanding of this innovative technology, highlighting the benefits and risks of a decentralized world which, inevitably, seems destined to be ever more real“.

In short, a course to evaluate investment profiles and a book to address programming issues. Both discounted, both simple opportunities to take the first step. The first step, always the most difficult.

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