Bluetooth 5.1 earphones and with 40 hours of playback, Amazon BOMB

If you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth headsets, don’t waste your time and take advantage of the ongoing promotion on Amazon. Just open the page and tick the coupon to buy this really crazy model.

How much do you pay them? 26,99€ if you complete the purchase on the fly. You bring home a pair of true wireless that doesn’t compromise on practically anything, but I’ll reveal it to you in a couple of seconds.

Shipments are completely throughout Italy if you have an active Prime subscription on your account.

Bluetooth headsets: cheap but not for this reason not valid

You wear them and you don’t want to take them off anymore these wearables that are comfortable, light and stable. You can combine them with both devices Android that iOS and use without problems and without giving up their functions.

Precisely regarding their characteristics I must tell you that you have a bit of everything:

  • touch controls so as not to always have to take out the smartphone;
  • waterproof certified to use them during training;
  • ultra durable battery with a case that ensures you 40 hours of playback;
  • microphones in high definition;
  • speakers complete with a composite diaphragm to capture every nuance of the songs you play.

The point in favor of these headphones is the Bluetooth 5.1 which is super reliable and low latency so if you want, feel free to use them for gaming too.

auricolari Bluetooth

What do you think about it? Connect now on Amazon and have no doubts, you just have to click on the coupon to pay for these Bluetooth headsets for yourself 26,99€. Shipments are completely free and fast throughout Italy with Prime active on your account.

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