Bonus 200 euros in paychecks in June: who can take it

Il bonus 200 euro could be inserted in the salary of June paid to July. The contribution only one introduced by the government in the Aid decree of May to allow the approx 31 million beneficiaries from stabilize their consumption despite inflation it was scheduled for the July paycheck. Howeveraccording to what we read in the message 2502/2022 that the INPS issued on 23 June, there are circumstances in which the bonus can be included in the June salary. In particular, the cases cited are special working relationshipssuch as cyclical part-time, or the presence of a national collective labor agreement (ccnl), or an employment contract stipulated at a national level between worker representative organizations, trade unions and employers, with a clause that provides for the postponement of the payment of the salary to the following month.

In the case of a normal employment relationshipto which therefore applies a national collective labor agreement that does not provide for any clause on the deferred payment of salary and with the employer who pays the salary by the end of the month, the 200 euros will normally be paid out in the July paycheck. If, on the other hand, the employment relationship is, for example, a cyclical part time which provides for the job performance in June but not in Julyso the bonus will be added to the pay slip in Juneeven if this salary will in fact be paid in July.

Likewise, if a company applies a national collective labor agreement which provides for the postponement of the payment of the salary in the month following the work performance, then the 200 euros go into the paycheck which refers to the month of June.

With the approach of the month of July and therefore the start of the disbursement of the 200 euro bonus, designed in theory to be as automatic as possible, they are becoming necessary several clarifications regarding the disbursement process for the various categories. This clarification by INPS follows the doubts arising from the need for self-certification for employees e clarifications on specific categories as teachers, owners with multiple employment relationships, and others.

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