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The longer the dispenser button is held down, the more sparkling water to drink while working out or playing sports

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From the outside it looks like a normal one coolant bottle, but a closer look is enough to discover the presence of a particular button on the base, which hides the intrinsic function of Bottle+: the possibility of make the water sparkling on the fly collected from any source.

Bottle + has a system to carbonate the water set in the unscrewable base on the bottom that can contain CO2 enough for 15 full. Operation is very simple: just hold down the button for deliver the desired amount of gas, depending on personal tastes. Once the tank is exhausted, it can be refilled comfortably from the home station that houses (safely) a mini cylinder.

bottle plus sparkling water
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Bottle + measures 24.7cm high by 7.6cm in diameter and can hold up to 600 milliliters of water, while the carbonator weighs 200 grams and can be screwed on or off easily. And you can also replace it with a normal cap when you want to use the container as a simple bottle. The interior is stainless steel and the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher without problems. Five colors available: gray, blue, turquoise, pink and white.

The Bottle + official selling price will be 179 euro for the kit with bottle, cap and gas refill station, but you can take advantage of the fundraiser on Kickstarter to support the project and then receive it in preview, with a discount of up to 50 euros depending on how much you are early birds, or lenders of the first hour. There is also a full office kit with ten water bottles for a promotional price starting at 599 euro instead of 999 euros. Shipments will start next summer.

(Photo: Bottle+)

Thanks to the water bottles you can save tons of plastic poured into the oceans (54.9 million bottles according to the latest estimates). Bottle + has also entered into an agreement with the Cleanhub company to commit to collect a kilogram of plastic from the oceans for each model sold.

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