Bundestag election: top alternatives to Wahl-O-Mat

Top 3: The most exciting election helpers for the federal election

Alternative Wahl Swiper: Tinder app for political issues.


The University of Münster has put a serious alternative to Wahl-O-Mat online: the Election compass for the 2021 federal election.

You can use five buttons to completely agree, agree, counter neutrally, reject or completely reject the statement. From your entries, the voting compass determines which party best suits your ideas and presents this in a graphic.

Another serious Wahl-O-Mat alternative, which was nevertheless implemented a bit more playfully, is the smartphone app WahlSwiper. Similar to the dating app Tinder You will be presented with statements and points of view that you either agree or disagree with. After all the answers, you will then be presented with the party that suits you best.

Also recommended: that Online-Tool DeinWahl 2021. According to the operators, this is not about what parties write in their programs, but how they specifically voted in the Bundestag. So DeinWal.de lets the users play the Bundestag – and they decide about them on discussed draft laws.

Other O-Mats as an alternative to the Wahl-O-Mat

Musik-O-Mat: Which party is Justin Bieber listening to?
Musik-O-Mat: Which party is Justin Bieber listening to?

Image: Deezer / CHIP

A not very serious election worker comes from the streaming service Deezer: Der Music-O-Mat. Here a suitable party is recommended to you based on songs. You can also listen to the songs right away, which of course means that Deezer also does a lot of advertising for his own service at the same time. To this end, the parties FDP, Die Linke, CDU, SPD and the Greens have created their own playlists, which are then used to compare where there is the greatest musical overlap with you.

You can find more O-Mats specializing in various topics here for free access:

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