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New opportunity to own the PlayStation 5, although since its launch almost a year ago it is almost impossible to find it in stores. The PS5 Drop today organized by GameStop allows players to buy it – all that needs to be done is go to this link and follow the instructions, it starts at 15:30.

PS5 available on GameStop: take advantage of the Drop

Object of desire for all gaming enthusiasts, the console makes an advanced hardware sector and a constantly expanding stock portfolio its main strengths. Added to this is an ecosystem of features designed by Sony to guarantee support for forms of entertainment that go beyond the boundaries of the videogame field. IS available today on GameStop.

Two versions are proposed: there is the Standard Edition with disc player, for those who love to collect physical copies, and there it is Digital Edition which takes away any support to bet everything on the download. Everyone chooses the one they prefer, taking into account the units for sale on GameStop.

Since day one last November, PlayStation 5 has been the subject of continuous sold out, sometimes leading to the circulation of consoles available through a “parallel market”, often at inflated prices. Better to avoid unofficial distribution circuits: buying it on GameStop you are sure you can count on the manufacturer’s warranty and on the delivery of a new and immaculate product.

Why is it so hard to find a PS5? The main responsibility is to be attributed to the so-called chip crisis, the shortage of some specific hardware components that is affecting much of the technology industry: it was triggered by the strong demand for devices recorded last year during the worst period of the pandemic. It will take time to get back to normal. Meanwhile, those looking for Sony’s next-gen console can point in the direction of the Drop organized today on GameStop.

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