chaos on trains and in stations for a ransomware attack

The dynamics of what happened over the weekend in Iran have not yet been clarified, just as at the moment it is not possible to attribute responsibility for it. However, the violation of the IT systems to which the management of the country’s railway network is delegated is certain. Result: confusion on the trains and in the stations scattered throughout the territory. Ransomware attack on Iran’s railway network Everything points in the direction of a ransomware attack, as suggested by a statement by Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi, Minister of Telecommunications. It is not known whether or not the payment of a ransom has been requested in order to restore a normal situation. stations, causing many inconveniences and headaches to passengers as well as to professionals. IRNA, the Tehran news agency, has minimized the impact of what happened, while other newspapers speak of unprecedented chaos, with hundreds of trips canceled or postponed. The situation returned to normal only today, Monday 12 July.

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