Cheaper mobile phone tariff at Drillisch only until July 20th. at 11 a.m .: PremiumSIM 10GB LTE Allnet-Flat for 9.99 euros

Cheaper mobile phone tariff – the weekly highlight at Drillisch. Are you looking for a lot of data for little money? Then the tariff discounters winSIM, PremiumSIM & from Drillisch Online GmbH are certainly familiar to you. In this article, we will introduce you to a Drillisch mobile phone tariff campaign every week. You will also find out why the provider’s tariffs can make your search for the right tariff easier.

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The mobile phone tariffs of the Drillisch brands

Cell phone tariffs can be found quickly, but an overview of these mass offers is usually a long time coming. Especially the Pricesuche in the cheaper segment shines with a long list and the multitude of different providers unfortunately does not make it more transparent for the customer. The telecommunications provider Drillisch Online is behind some of these offers. And that is exactly the benefit: With this knowledge you have at least one thread firmly in your hand in the thicket of the tariff jungle. It makes it easier for you to structure the numerous offers.
Drillisch offers its products, as well as mobile phone tariffs, via various own brands. And these offers each have something in common: similar service packages, identical network providers and similar price structures. You can use it in Direct comparison So leave out aspects such as network coverage. The brands of Drillisch Online GmbH include the following dealers:, yourfone, DeutschlandSIM, winSIM, maxxim, Discotel, simlpytel, eteleon,, PremiumSIM,, m2m, Bildconnect,,

Current tariff highlight: LTE tariff with 10 GB of data volume

This week, Drillisch is once again delivering real tariff highlights. With PremiumSIM you get 10GB data volume for 9.99 euros. In addition, winSIM offers a real bang offer with 20GB data volume for 16.99 euros. Please note that these offers are only available until 07/20/2021 at 11 a.m.

Current tariff highlight at Drillisch (as of July 13, 2021 11:00 a.m.)

You should definitely pay attention to this with cell phone tariffs

LTE All 20 GByte mobile phone tariff from winSIM

The need for data volume, free minutes and sending of SMS is as different as the available budget. You will find another one in the overview table below attractive mobile phone tariff. The data volume of 20 GB enables extensive surfing and streaming without being throttled and is particularly suitable for those users who are on the Internet a lot.

LTE ALL 20 GByte tariff highlight at Drillisch (as of July 13, 2021 11:00 a.m.)

Which networks contain the Drillisch mobile phone tariffs?

Drillisch Online has access to the Telefónica Germany and Vodafone networks. For most contracts, however, the first claim is what many customers use under the provider name O2 / E-Plus is more common. The tariffs of the Drillisch brands rarely use the Vodafone network. If it is still the case, this is usually accompanied by a higher monthly basic fee.

The Telekom network (D1) is due to past discrepancies the customers of Drillisch No longer available online. Existing contracts have therefore all been transferred to O2 by the network-independent telecommunications provider. So if you prefer a collective agreement with D1-Netz, the brands from Drillisch are no longer an option.

Note on data automation

Some of these Rates contain a so-called data automatic. We have marked these in our list with the data volume in brackets. Caution is advised here: if you have used up the monthly data volume, the provider will automatically book additional volume – albeit at greatly inflated prices. This is repeated up to three times a month. It is therefore advisable to deactivate the automatic data control immediately after concluding the contract. In most cases, this is also possible without great effort via the respective service portals of the provider.

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