Chinese influencers will need to show their qualifications before posting live content

Il government imposed on Chinese influencers to have specific qualifications to be able to undertake their online activities. Regarding topics of a professional nature, such as law, medicine or finance, anyone who publishes content on the internet, in particular a live streaming, must show his / her diploma or certificate at the beginning of the transmission. Qualifications will have to be check in preview from the platform.

The decision is part of a more general effort by the country’s authorities to monitor the activities of live streaming e you e-commercewhich in recent years they exploded in terms of popularity. As of December 2021, the users consuming live content were over seven hundred million across the country, nearly seventy percent of the Internet active population. The format is not only used by celebrities or for sales purposes, but also by many medical or legal professionals who use it to provide information. The most popular platforms I am Douyinthe Chinese version of TikTok, owned by ByteDance e Kuaishou.

Last summer, the government banned children under sixteen from playing video games for more than three hours a week, and platforms were banned from hosting content that was not in line with the country’s socialist values. In May, the same age group was banned from watching content in live streaming after ten in the evening and to buy gifts for influencers.

The new code of conduct for influencers online was issued by the National Administration for Radio and Television – which is responsible for assigning permissions for the distribution of content and by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The new decision in itself could be a step forward in combating disinformation, especially on sensitive issues such as health or financial choices. However, it risks knocking out i content creator, especially the independent ones, especially if you put it in the context of heavy state censorship the Internet is notoriously subjected to in China.

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