Clean up Steam folder: a clever tool helps

If you buy games on Steam and Co. these days, you sometimes rub your eyes in amazement at how many GBytes are due for the installation. Over a hundred gigabytes are no longer uncommon for complex AAA titles. And also the many Free promotions from Epic Games bring tons of new data to the hard drive.

But there is also another reason why the HDD or SSD– Space dwindles quickly: During the download, not only the games but also other software components, the so-called redistributables such as DirectX or Visual C ++, are downloaded. As a rule, however, these files are not deleted after installation and so the space on your hard drives gradually shrinks.

The manual removal of such file types is immensely time-consuming, since you have to call up the directory of each download and then analyze it. It’s good that there are tools like that for cases like this Steam Cleaner and Game Cleaner gives.

Steam Cleaner: Delete unnecessary files with a click of the mouse

At the end of the analysis you will get a list of all files that you can delete. The more games you’ve downloaded, the more space you can free up.

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Using the tool is very easy. After you have the Downloaded the file from us, you only have to start the program with a double click – you do not have to install the software. When you start the Steam Cleaner for the first time, it searches your computer for the clients of the various gaming platforms, analyzes the various directories within seconds and outputs the files that are not required in the form of a list.

In order to free the hard drives of your PC from the garbage, all you have to do is click on the yellow garbage can symbol and a few megabytes or even gigabytes will be deleted, which you can then use for other purposes.

Game Cleaner: Remove leftover data from Epic Games

In addition to Steam, the Game Cleaner also cleans up Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect and others.
In addition to Steam, the Game Cleaner also cleans up Epic Games, Ubisoft Connect and others.

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In contrast to the one-click tool Steam Cleaner gives you the Game Cleaner more decision-making authority when analyzing and deleting the data. In this way, you can select in advance which game platforms the tool should scour and whether certain files or folders should not be analyzed.

You will also see all the data found after the scan and, if desired, you can open the storage location of individual files to check the file manually. In addition to Steam, the Game Cleaner also expressly the Launcher from Epic Games as Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay) and also tracks down superfluous data remnants for this purpose.

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