Clubhouse and TED are now working together

TED Talks in clubhouse rooms: The social audio platform Clubhouse brings the innovation conference TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) on board. At the start, the New York Times bestselling author and popular TED spokesperson AJ Jacobs can be heard.

As part of the partnership, an exclusive program is to be launched together. Thought leaders from TED are active on Clubhouse to exchange ideas with the worldwide Clubhouse community on a wide variety of topics. This is TED’s first social audio partnership. It stands in the tradition of the innovation conference of always addressing its audience on innovative new platforms.

The fact that Kelly Stoetzel, head of the Clubhouse Thought Leadership Program since the end of May, was previously at TED for 17 years and was most recently Head of Conference responsible for the highly regarded TED Talks program, was definitely helpful in establishing the cooperation. “For almost forty years, TED has brought outstanding ideas, notions and voices of the world closer to the public,” says Kelly Stoetzel. “Our partnership will bring these outstanding personalities together with the millions of creatives who are behind the Clubhouse community.” The interactive user structure of Clubhouse will enable the TED speakers not only to share their ideas, but also to actively exchange ideas with Live – Going audience and engaging with insights and questions.

“TED’s mission has always been to share ideas and encourage discussion about them. When ideas and people meet in a mutual exchange, then something really starts to move, ”adds Carla Zanoni, Director of Audience Development, TED. “We are happy to work with Clubhouse so that this can happen live and in real time between the global community of the platform and the TED speakers.”

The TED program on Clubhouse opens with the weekly Thank Your Ass Off. The Clubhouse space is hosted by New York Times bestselling author and popular TED speaker AJ Jacobs and creative strategist and acclaimed clubhouse creator Mir Harris. The discussion was based on an idea shared in a TED talk and a book by Jacobs. Well-known guests and the clubhouse community would come together to “thank the unsung heroes of our lives”. For the summer months and the following time, additional rooms are to be announced in the next few weeks.

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