Clubhouse founders see themselves well in the game against Facebook and Twitter

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Competition apparently makes aggressive: The makers of the talk app Clubhouse are confident that they will defend their niche against the frontal attack of powerful rivals such as Facebook and Twitter.

The social media giants are often seen as having an advantage when it comes to their clubhouse copies, as they can rely on a network of hundreds of millions of users who are already networked with one another. Experience shows, however, that users in different application situations – such as audio, photo or text – rely on different social circles, said Clubhouse co-founder Rohan Seth.

Clubhouse had to develop these social connections between users from scratch. To do this, the operators called on the newcomers to upload their address books in order to find friends again. While the function caused criticism from privacy advocates, emphasized Co-founder and boss Paul Davisonthat you can use the app without sharing your contact details.

Clubhouse is an audio app where users can listen to conversations like a live podcast – and can also actively participate in discussions. In the corona pandemic, hype developed around the application, which can still only be accessed with an invitation from a member. In the past few months, Facebook and Twitter launched their talk apps with very similar concepts.

Market researchers believe that clubhouse founders have been refuted

Clubhouse was only available on Apple’s iPhone until the end of May. In the first few weeks since the version for Android smartphones was launched, six million new users were added, emphasize the founders – and see the assessment of some market researchers refuted that Clubhouse is already on the decline again.

The fact that with Clubhouse – unlike the video chats that have also become more popular in Corona times – only the sound is transmitted takes the hurdles for authentic conversation, argued Davison. “You don’t have to worry about how you look – or whether the room is tidy.” At the same time, he and Seth do not fundamentally rule out the possibility of video being added at some point if the product should develop in this direction. dpa

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