Competition for Google Maps: This is how the new motorway app should help motorists

Autobahn app is supposed to show e-car charging stations and free truck spaces

The Autobahn app should provide information about traffic jams at any time.

Photo: Peter Steffen / dpa

Specifically, these are route suggestions, information on traffic jams and construction sites as well as the locations of charging stations for electric cars. Truck drivers can use the motorway app to find out about free parking spaces or the equipment of rest stops, for example. Whether with shower, toilet or dining options – all of this should be displayed in the future. It will also be possible to use the app to access webcams along the planned route in order to keep an eye on the volume of traffic.

Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom and Co. already offer similar functions. It remains to be seen whether the federal autobahn app can keep up with its established competitors.

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