“Completely excessive price increases”: Edeka complains about large brand manufacturers

A counterweight to the market power of the global brand industry are the international purchasing groups in retail, said the manager. They increasingly made it possible for retailers to negotiate on an equal footing. The winners are the consumers who benefit from lower prices.

Mosa referred to a recent study by the business school Insead on the influence of the international purchasing alliance Agecore, of which Edeka was also a member. According to this, in the period from 2014 to 2019, customers paid about 12 percent less for products purchased through the purchasing alliance than would have been the case without Agecore. In individual product categories such as frozen food, the savings would even have been up to 36 percent. However, the purchasing alliances of European grocers are not without controversy because of their concentrated purchasing power.

Edeka is currently a member of the Epic shopping alliance, which has replaced Agecore. In addition to Edeka, its members include the Swiss retail group Migros, the Swedish retailer ICA Group and the Dutch start-up Picnic. Competitor Rewe, on the other hand, belongs to the purchasing alliances Coopernic and Eurelec.

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