Computer scientists are born, hackers are made: here’s how

Let’s start with the terminology. Because if the word “hacker“Too often it invokes negative feelings in public opinion, it is because the common narrative has distorted its roots and its meaning.

Ethical hacking: come si fa

The hacker-good / cracker-bad dichotomy is not perceived, so much so that the word hacker has now become necessary to put “ethical“. A once useless reinforcement, today instead fundamental to explain what hacking really is, what are the drives that carry it forward and what role the hacker can have in society.

A special course on Udemy can introduce any enthusiast into this world. Although these are necessarily do-it-yourself skills, the course represents a general introduction able to outline the profile of theEthical Hacking. Thus it is described by the author, Giuseppe Compare:

The course presents the main tools used by an ethical hacker. In the course there is also my book that allows you to study the theoretical part in detail. After each additional theoretical lesson, the operation of the tools will be described with practical examples, for example, how to perform manual penetration tests with burp and how to highlight the most frequent types of attacks (sql injection, xss, xxe and others). The course will be complete after you have followed all the lessons and completed the quizzes. At the end, if successful, a certificate will be issued.

Technical notions on common practices, the bases from which to start to educate their curiosities and guide their insights. 6.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 downloadable resource and unlimited access to the course they cost just 11.99 euros thanks to the discount available only for today, all through method and report that over 300 students have already evaluated with a grade of 4.5 / 5.

The book referenced in the course is available on Amazon in a flexible cover for 17.67 euros ed in formato Kindle a 2,99 euro.

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