Condé Nast Social Talent Agency, a unique reality of its kind

Condé Nast Social Talent Agency can count on the entire Condé Nast network and is able to provide the market with a wide range of services in the field of talent management, content creation and consultancy on recruiting of external talents

Condé Nast Social Talent Agency today it is a unique reality of its kind, it can count on the entire Condé Nast network and is able to provide the market with a wide range of services in the field of talent management, content creation and consultancy on recruiting of external talent. In fact, there are over 60 projects of various kinds developed by Cnsta for over 46 customers during the first half of 2021, with an average investment growth of + 117% compared to 2020.

The pandemic, social issues, activism have made consumers more sensitive and more critical with direct changes on the market and consequently in the field of influencer marketing. This is why CNSTA has evolved by focusing on the production of quality content: vertical projects that see the direction and expertise of Condé Nast, and the in the field of a strategic plan of new recruiting aimed at covering the new market needs.

Among the services offered the talent management in house with the novelty of new talents who join the agency to have more and more vertical figures in specific sectors, leaders in new platforms such as Tik Tok and representative of current topics such as inclusivity, diversity and sustainability. And still there content production in house which sees the Cnsta team at the helm of the production while the creative direction followed by talent such as creators, photographers, and videomakers: Cnsta focuses on the needs of companies and follows them in every step and offers a real brand image consultancy. Finally, thanks to the expertise of the team and the network of national and international connections of the great global system that is Condé Nast, the agency is able to offer companies strategic and consulting support in the search for Italian and international talent.

During the pandemic we worked to implement a strategic plan born from an analytical observation of the change in the market as well as the evolution of users’ approach towards influencers”Says Chiara Magnaghi, Cnsta Talent & Project Manager. “From this analysis, the opportunity emerged for the evolution of Cnsta’s business model and an expansion of its services. The change has guided us in the recruiting of new profiles responding to the needs of the market, in enhancing in-house talents for the creation of quality content creation projects which have translated, at a macro level, into real communication campaigns integrated with the brand of Condé Nast, and in the creation of vertical influencer marketing projects, within which the quality of the creative content and the personal and professional skills of the talents involved remain central”.

To date, Cnsta has 34 in-house talent: Alessio Albi, Fabio Attanasio, Marco Bonanomi, Elbio Bonsaglio, Giorgina Clavarino, Francesco Carrozzini, Ernesto D’Argenio, Design by Gemini, Emanuele Ferrari, Simple Flair, Chiara Francini, Gherardo Gaetani (Barù) , Lavinia Guglielman, Jessica Kahawathy, Raffaele Marone, Federica Monacelli, Nataly Osman, Maria Vittoria Paolillo, Marzia Peragine, Ginevra Rossini, Irene Saderini, Michelle Sampaio, Marta Sanchez, Giulio Scarano, Alberto Soiatti, Denise Tantucci, Dario Vignali, Giulio Berruti, Maria Luisa De Crescenzo, Anna Safroncik, Color Draft – Federica Bottini, Paolo Zotta, Olga Amendola. To these is added Sespo – Edoardo Esposito, thanks to a collaboration with 2MuchTV, creative agency specializing in talent management, brand entertainment and content marketing. Furthermore, in order to respond more and more to the needs of the market, the agency continues its new recruiting in the food, young TV talent and inclusivity sectors.

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