Conqueror’s Blade starts into the eighth season: You can win something!

MY.GAMES and Booming Tech are releasing the eighth season of their tactical action MMO today, July 8th Conqueror’s Blade. Dynasty, ushers in a new golden age of warfare, inspired by ancient Chinese history. In Season VIII, players can: deploy new units, wage war on an epic new map and use a new playable weapon class: the Pike.

Players from all over the world have already played Trailer, published last week, tuned in to the theme of the new season. A new gameplay trailer takes a closer look at the new weapon class, units and locations.
Season VIII is inspired by China’s cosmopolitan golden age during the Tang Dynasty. Players will follow the rise of the fictional but very powerful Qian dynasty in a series of campaign missions. They travel to a new place: Longting, a region inspired by the beautiful landscape of East Asia. The capital Hao Jing enables the players to meet there in a more peaceful environment.

Conqueror’s Blade: That brings the new season

The new war season brings with it a 12th weapon class, the Pike. This stabbing weapon can be used for ranged attacks to create the perfect opening for devastating. Find combinations and use them to eliminate the enemy.
In addition to a new weapon, players can unlock three new seasonal units, all of which are inspired by classic military archetypes from Chinese history:

  • Stick monks: Actually peaceful protectors who only use their powerful martial arts when there is no other way
  • Shifu-Garnison: Proven siege veterans of a doomed siege
  • Madao-Battalion: A powerful vanguard that breaks through enemy lines.
  • The Shenji-Grenadiere be unlocked as a 5-star unit!

The current Battle Pass can be purchased immediately. There is more information here.

Conqueror’s Blade Season 8: Win a code worth 20 euros

And now you come into play. Sends an email with the code word “Blade 8“To and wins an ingame code worth 20 euros.

Some cosmetic items are hidden behind the code: Aswaran Hero Attire, Radiant Sun Banner, Optimal Cannon. So it’s worth taking part!

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