cool inside by 5 degrees

Fabric is supposed to cool the body on hot days. (Photo: Vladis Chern / Shutterstock)

A substance developed by Chinese scientists will in future be able to cool wearers inside by up to five degrees on hot days. The researchers rely on radiation cooling.

Given the rising temperatures, the people suffering from the heat many means will be right to cool off. While it is relatively easy to make clothes that keep you warm, when it comes to high temperatures and direct sunlight, light and airy clothes are used. This allows the visible light of the sun to be reflected. A team of scientists from Zhejiang University and Central China University of Science and Technology has now developed a substance that instead reflects the sun’s electromagnetic radiation – with amazing results.

Fabric cools the body by 5 degrees

The researchers succeeded in a test that the substance cooled a person’s body by almost five degrees. During the experiment, this person was exposed to direct sunlight for an hour. The fabric is about half a millimeter thick and consists of a mixture of polylactides and synthetic fibers, such as the standard writes. In the future, this material could be used to make t-shirts that are similar to classic shirts and should feel like cotton.

The whole thing works like this: The material developed by the Chinese scientists is not entirely dissimilar to a mirror, as it is in the Sciencemag is called. The fabric reflects the electromagnetic radiation from the sun. The researchers use what is known as mid-infrared radiation, which has a higher wavelength. As a result, unlike near infrared radiation, it radiates directly into the atmosphere and cools the respective object and its surroundings. This effect is also known as radiation cooling and is already being used in the construction of roofs or with white paint cover.

Manufacturing costs rise by 10 percent

Before the substance can go into production in the form of clothing, the scientists still have to clarify whether the desired effect also occurs when the person moves. So far, the fabric has to be very close to the skin in order to be able to cool it down. In any case, the researchers are currently looking for manufacturers who want to start producing the substance. The cost is supposed to be contrary to normal T-Shirts The researchers estimate that this will only increase by ten percent.

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