Corona warning app brings integration for recovery certificates

The Corona warning app has received a new update. (Photo: Firn / shutterstock)

There is a new update for the Corona warning app. In version 2.5 digital certificates can be managed. There are also a few other small changes.

More and more people in Germany are now fully vaccinated. The Robert Koch Institute currently gives the number at over 35 million (Stand 12. July 2021). In addition to the classic vaccination certificate, there are also digital options for providing evidence. One of them now also offers the Corona-Warn-App an.

With version 2.5, Deutsche Telekom and SAP have released an update to the app that enables vaccinated, convalescent and tested people to collect the relevant certificates digitally at a central location. In addition to their own digital evidence, users can also manage the certificates for other people, such as family members.

Certificates from abroad are also taken into account

To load the certificates into the app, the “Certificates” tab must be selected. The sub-item “Add Certificate” then appears here. The QR code that can be seen on the doctor’s certificate can now be scanned. A more detailed description of the functionality of the digital certificates for recovered, vaccinated and tested people is available in Blog post of the Corona Warning app. Important for those who have recovered: The recovered certificate is stored indefinitely in the app, how long it is actually valid must be requested from the responsible federal authority.

The QR codes of test results to be scanned do not even necessarily have to come from Germany. Tests can be uploaded from all over the EU as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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In addition to the new options for the digital certificates, the Corona Warning app also offers statistics that contain key figures on the progress of vaccinations in Germany. In addition to the number of people vaccinated, this also includes the proportion of the total population and the number of vaccine doses administered so far. The latest version will be rolled out within the next 48 hours. Anyone using an iOS device can now initiate the download manually.

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