Coronavirus, what we know about the electromagnetic wave device that makes it 90% inactive

The physical principle was therefore known, but for propose it in the real world scientific confirmation was needed for Sars-Cov-2 and a complex organization and technology. “For almost two years we have tested, studied, searched for the best frequency, that is the energy needed to break the cavity of the virus, knowing that if it were too high it would also go against the human being and would be inapplicable”, adds Benigni. Thanks to the partnership with Lendlease, an international group of real estate and urban regeneration and developer of Mind, and to the direct collaboration with the scientific department of the Celio Military Hospital, the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan and the ViroStatics laboratories, in about two years been conducted more than 120 tests on the coronavirus in the Wuhan variant, delta e omicron. The experiments, carried out in different laboratories, gave consistent results, showing that the energy needed to break up the viral particles was very low and that the electromagnetic waves at the right frequency inactivate the virus in aerosols to 90%. It is a technology made in Italy unique in the world, ensure from the company, patented and safe for humans (it has received CE and SAR certification, which certifies that the electromagnetic waves emitted are below the limits set by law). Depending on the size, the device covers an area of three meters (the version wearable) oh you fifty square meters (the wall version).

Sanitation of environments: systems compared

The one developed in Mind it is not the first existing environmental sanitation system. During this pandemic, i air purifiers with Hepa filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) have proven to be capable of eliminate the virus in aerosol. However there is still no certain data that their installation reduce infections in real contexts, especially if the containment regulations such as spacing and use of masks are not respected. Also, for an air purifier to be effective its own size must be related to those of the environments in which it is installed and the position it is not irrelevant, indeed placing it in a “wrong” point could create air flows that could also facilitate contagion.

Another system for sanitizing the rooms are the devices a UV rays. Here the electromagnetic waves are very penetrating: they arrive inside the viruses and cause damage to genetic material, essentially destroying them. They are systems in general very expensivewhich require careful maintenance and when they are in operation they are not compatible with the presence of the human being. In fact, UV rays can also reach and affect the DNA of cells, whether they are bacterial or of any other organism.

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