CovPass with top function for travel: EU emergency printout at the push of a button

EU printout in the CovPass app

CovPass app: Now offers the option of saving the EU certificate as a PDF.


With the latest update, the CovPass app brings a practical function for vacation trips to the start. Stored certificates can be saved from the app as a PDF document in order to either print it out or save it as a backup in the cloud.

The function could be particularly useful in an emergency, for example if the mobile phone got lost or broken while on vacation and you absolutely need access to your vaccination certificate.

Important to know: The PDF document contains very sensitive information! We recommend that you only give yourself access to it or trustworthy other people, such as your own family.

Another useful function for vacationing abroad has already been integrated into the app since the previous version: since then, you have been able to validate your proof according to the applicable rules of individual EU countries and other third countries.

Specifically, you can select a country in CovPass under “Check validity” and have it checked whether entry rules are in force for a certain point in time. It is recommended that you check your certificates at least 48 hours in advance, as regulations change frequently.

CovPass app: digital vaccination certificate for Android and iOS

The CovPass app works in three steps.
The CovPass app works in three steps.

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Like the Corona warning app, the CovPass app is also available free of charge and its use is voluntary. Unlike the Corona warning app, the CovPass smartphone app does not have a contact tracking function. Instead, you can use the CovPass app to load proof of corona vaccinations directly onto your smartphone. A verification mechanism is in place to prevent counterfeiting. The app consists of 3 steps:

  • Scan in vaccination certificate: Use the app to scan the QR code on your vaccination certificate with the app. Anyone who is still vaccinated will receive proof of this from next week at the vaccination center, at the family doctor and in the hospitals. Those who have already been immunized receive the document on presentation of an official photo ID and the yellow vaccination card in participating pharmacies or in some federal states by post.
  • Show QR code: As proof of a complete vaccination, the CovPass-App then put a QR code on the start screen.
  • QR-Code abscannen: This allows you to quickly prove your vaccination status at admission controls. The QR code in the app can in turn be scanned and confirms your vaccinations.

Important: The QR code is only valid if 14 days have passed after the last vaccination. When checked, the QR code only shows the most necessary information, such as vaccination status, name and date of birth. In addition to the app, a valid identification document, such as an identity card, is also required.

The app allows multiple vaccination certificates to be added so that parents, for example, can also store certificates for their children there and show them on request.

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