Crew Dragon con toilet panoramica

For the mission Inspiration4, which will lead for the first time four civilians in space, the Crew Dragon “Resilience” shuttle will be used. However, it will not be the same used in the Crew-1 mission of November 2020, but a modified version with a panoramic dome, inside which the toilet. The launch is scheduled for mid-September.

Crew Dragon: Toilet with a spatial view

At the end of March, SpaceX had shared on Twitter an image of the Crew Dragon. The “nose” of the shuttle opens to allow docking to the International Space Station. The dock is not needed for the Inspiration4 mission, so Elon Musk’s company modified the spacecraft tip, adding a glass dome with a 360 degree view. It is not known whether casually or deliberately, but it is certain that the crew members will see a spectacular view when they use the toilet.

The launch of the Crew Dragon “Resilience” will obviously be carried out with the Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral. The four civilians will orbit around the Earth for three days, during which they will carry out various scientific experiments. The Inspiration4 mission will inaugurate the so-called “space tourism” (those of Richard Branson e Jeff Bezos are suborbital flights). Then it will be the turn of Space Adventures e AX-1.

Staying on the SpaceX theme, NASA has press release that the Cargo Dragon prepares to return to Earth. The spacecraft brought supplies and equipment to the ISS in early June, including the solar panels the astronauts installed during three spacewalks. There live streaming can be watched tomorrow afternoon on the NASA channel.

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