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Designed to allow Internet users to discover relevant and qualitative videos, YouTube Trends highlight content that is likely to interest a wide audience. They are constantly updated to offer recent videos. To help you better understand YouTube Trends, we suggest you discover the criteria required by the platform to be included.

The criteria that determine YouTube Trends

To be included in the Trends, YouTube explains that the videos concerned must: “to appeal to a broad audience, not to confuse, not to create sensation, not to act as clickbait, to reflect the full extent of what is happening on YouTube and in the world, to highlight a diversity of creators, and ideally be unexpected or original”. These elements are all taken into account equally, and YouTube also observes certain signals in particular:

  • the number of views,
  • the rate at which the number of views increases,
  • the origin of the views (including sources external to YouTube),
  • the age of the video,
  • the performance of the video compared to videos previously uploaded by the same channel.

Indeed, a video that obtains a large number of views when it is released has a better chance of appearing in Trends than a video that obtains views over time. However, YouTube specifies that these signals are only indicators, and that they remain both subjective and combinable. This means that the video with the most views in a certain amount of time will not necessarily be ranked first.

The different categories of Trends

Unlike the personalized suggestions that are made in everyone’s news feeds, Trends are common to everyone in each country. To allow Internet users to discover videos and creators that correspond to their tastes, YouTube has divided this tab into 4 main categories, which correspond to the following themes: new releases, music, video games and films. They each reference the 50 most relevant videos of the moment. When a video is in YouTube Trending, it’s listed above its title “#X of Trends”. The platform indicates that the lists are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

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The new category is very generalist, and brings together all types of videos, including those concerning music, video games, films. Reruns of live YouTube, or the Shorts can also be included. This selection of Trends is considered the main one, since these are the new items that are automatically displayed on the Explore page. The top positions are often occupied by the most popular national YouTubers, but it is not uncommon to see more modest YouTubers listing in the top 50.


Exclusively dedicated to single songs, as well as music videos, this selection brings together the most popular music of the moment on the platform. All musical styles can be included. Although this tab is specific to each country, foreign songs can also be referenced here if they enjoy strong popularity in the country in question.

Video games

As the name suggests, Video Game Trends only collects videos on the subject. It can be gameplay, but also esports, live replays, or explanations related to a video game. All creators can reference it, but the platform often favors YouTubers who offer a lot of content related to video games.


The films tab lists trailers for upcoming films and series. Unlike the other Trending categories, where French is the dominant language in the majority of videos, there are many trailers in foreign languages ​​(English or Turkish, for example).

Things to know about YouTube Trends

Since the videos that feature in the Trending tab of YouTube enjoy high visibility on the platform nationwide, the content must adhere to the rules of the platform. YouTube declares to be “particularly attentive to the appropriateness of these videos”. Thus, language and content checks are carried out to ensure the propriety of the videos.

Featured videos are determined by YouTube alone, and the platform specifies that they “don’t accept payments to have videos appear on the Trending page and don’t favor any particular creator”. Views that come from sponsored ads are not counted in the selection criteria. Only videos that have a public privacy setting are eligible to be featured in Trending.

Finally, YouTube adds that “In countries where the platform’s presence is particularly strong, we ensure that at least half of the videos in the Trending tab are uploaded by users whose main activity is to create content on YouTube ».

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