Cry Macho is not what you think it is

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And precisely the enterprise of Cry Macho is the most original thing in the film. It’s about going to pick up a boy in Mexico. He is there because his mother took him away, and his father, who lives in Texas, is determined to have him back. Reason why he commissioned the trip to an old friend of his, a cowboy. It will not be easy to find, recover and convince the 13-year-old to flee with him, but above all it will not be easy to leave Mexico. The difficulties are compounded by a stop in a tiny town, an inn and a ranch with horses where history stops. What was a movie of hunting, between phone calls, hiding places and even a punch (he will also be 90 years old but if the situation calls for it and a rooster helps him to distract the receiver, Clint a punch, one in number, he can still give it), suddenly becomes a holiday film , of rest, with also a woman.

It’s a history captivating told with the tone that, again, we do not expect. There is the staid but not boring rhythm of the latest films by Eastwood and a desire for confrontation and conversation that does not belong to all of his films. Above all, as the title says, the desire is to put together different visions of what a man can be. Boyfriend Clint will find him in an illegal cockfight, which is the best metaphor for attitude sexist, and all the while he will oppose the ideas with which the young man has been imbued, namely, that a man must be strong, that he must be tough, and must not talk about his feelings. He will fight them, as already said, without giving up a fist when needed, the usual insults with which he relates to others or annoyed grunts. But also with moments of exceptional tenderness such as a scene in the dark in which an almost broken voice betrays emotion with a fantastic vocal-only acting. A moment of true cinema (the only one truly at the historical level of Eastwood of the whole film) in which you can breathe a very special atmosphere.

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