Cryptocurrencies find a certain balance

With Thursday 23 June 2022, the major digital assets stabilized, finding a certain balance. Despite the cryptocurrencies are rising, for some the worst is yet to come. Nonetheless, it is better to focus on what is happening in these hours, taking advantage of this calm.

Currently Bitcoin is traded at a price of $ 20,936, with a market capitalization of $ 399.42 billion. The queen of cryptocurrencies therefore remains at around 20,000 dollars without being able to overcome this resistance threshold.

Also Ethereum has grown by 5.19% in the last 24 hours. The quotation of him, at the time of writing, is $ 1,141, with a market capitalization of $ 138.02 billion. ETH has also recovered in the past 7 days, although investors still remain cautious.

As always, it is also good to mention the performance of highly technological shares given that, under various aspects, they seem to be correlated with the trend of the cryptographic market. Thursday 23 JuneS&P 500 rose 1% and the Nasdaq Technology recorded a + 1.5%.

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Cryptocurrencies and the market: the sign is “plus”

Almost all cryptocurrencies they are seeing an improvement in their price. Even the altcoin they are moving up the slope benefiting from a lot of positive news related to the crypto market.

Polygon MATIC currently, between cryptocurrencies, is the best digital asset of the last 24 hours. Posting a jump of 20.74%, it is trading at $ 0.6048 at the time of writing. The result of Cosmos ATOM which was up 12%.

Le cryptocurrencies Shiba Inu e Dogecoin, on the other hand, they remained fairly in line with the previous price. Indeed, SHIB stabilized at $ 0.00001021, while DOGE at $ 0.065556, not exceeding 2% growth in the past 24 hours.

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