da Blue Screen of Death a Black Screen of Death

When Microsoft makes a promise, it keeps it. The Redmond group has declared its intention to heavily intervene on the interface of its operating system with the switch to Windows 11 and it won’t just make a few tweaks to the taskbar or Start menu. There is also a novelty for a key component of the platform, that nightmare capable of manifesting itself when the user least expects it: the error screen par excellence changes its dress and dresses in black, from Blue Screen of Death it becomes Black Screen of Death.

Black Screen of Death: la killer feature di Windows 11

Anyway, the acronym BSoD it will not change. Here it is in preview, in all its bleak glory (screenshot of The Verge).

Ironies aside, this is the first screen intervention since adding a QR code occurred in 2016, useful for obtaining additional technical information on the problem that emerged. Earlier, in 2012, the sad face “:(” was added in the upper left corner.

By the end of the year, the Black Screen of Death will keep users company, manifesting itself in the least opportune occasions with the final version of the operating system. The release date, not officially confirmed, may have already been set in October 20, 2021. The Insider Preview of Windows 11 recently made available by Microsoft instead it includes one with a green background, as has been the case with preview builds for several years now.

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