da distributori a Smart Vending Machine

The range of action of Satispay is extended again today with the introduction of compatibility for i vending machines, which thus become Smart Vending Machine. Goodbye to coins: to buy a drink, a snack or to indulge in a coffee it will no longer be necessary to rummage in your pockets or wallet, nor rely on a credit card or NFC modules, just a few taps on the smartphone display.

Satispay and vending machines

The same applies to those used for the sale of medicines or personal care products, but also for car wash stations and laundromats. The principle is the same and is based on a technology developed in collaboration with the partner mcf88, also a 100% Italian company. The payment methods are quite similar to those already used by the service for purchases in physical stores: just frame the QR code that appears on the distributor screen with the phone’s camera and confirm. These are the words of Dario Brignone, CTO and co-founder of Satispay.

We are a tech company and we will not stop finding solutions and integrations for our service as long as this will allow us to achieve our ultimate goal: to simplify people’s lives, whether they are consumers or merchants and managers of paid goods. After integration with POS and with all the main cash register software, we are now bringing to the market a new solution that allows you to make smart vending machines, even those that are not connected. The device we have developed together with our partner mcf88 is in fact connected to the internet independently and can be activated in a few minutes to allow any vending machine to receive payments via smartphone.

Smart Vending Machine

Once the transaction is completed successfully, the price is deducted from the weekly budget set by the user for their account. The first company to adopt the solution is the Milanese Serim, which integrated it into its over 14,000 distributors already present in the area. It will also be a useful tool for launching new campaigns cashback, thus building customer loyalty, for example on the basis of the frequency of purchase. So Andrea Allara, Head of Business Development of Satispay, comments on the initiative.

The Italian vending machine market today is the first in Europe with over 810,000 machines in the area. However, only 3% of these are connected. We believe that this is a highly strategic sector, with exponential development and growth, but for this to happen it is necessary that highly technological solutions such as ours enter the market which, in addition to an inexpensive and easy-to-install device, also provide a active community of half a million people. We are proud to be part of this change process, and to offer our growing community a solution that will bring many benefits, both in terms of convenience and in terms of service. Never again without a coin in your pocket, thirsty in front of a distributor.

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