Daily newspapers and magazines with a flat rate subscription: Is it worth it?


Subscribe to newspapers or magazines to stay up to date? Nobody does anymore. The range of free content on the web is too great. Modern flat rate apps for newspapers show that it can still be worthwhile.

According to the Consumption and media analysis In 2013, 35.16 million people in Germany had subscribed to a daily newspaper – half the population. This number has fallen sharply by 2020. Last year only 26.54 million people were daily newspaper subscribers. On the other hand, 44.09 million said they did not have a subscription. That leaves gaps and makes delivery more expensive: as early as 2025, some newspaper subscriptions could be delivered in 40 percent of the municipalities in Germany no longer worth it.

Newspaper subscriptions are becoming more expensive

The number of subscriptions is not shrinking everywhere, but above all they are becoming more expensive. One Analysis by HORIZONT Swiss According to the survey, 34 of the 92 daily and weekly newspapers raised their prices in 2017 alone.

Those who value editorial offices today that are paid independently often switch to e-paper or digital subscriptions. But even corporations like Apple fail here because of a uniform pool that makes the whole thing affordable. “Apple News Plus” is still not offered in this country.

The circulation of paper subscriptions is falling and delivery is becoming more expensive. (Image: Readly)



Readly was founded in Sweden in 2012 with the mission to become the number one go-to destination for digital reading. The app is now available in more than 50 countries.

But there are also approaches in this country that are promising and attractive for customers if they fall below a certain threshold price. You can beat the famous 9.99 euros that most streaming services pay for films, series, audio books or music today. And then it is obviously worth it for many customers.

The provider Readly, which has been with this business model for almost ten years, shows that you can offer thousands of magazines and newspapers for this price. The success with over 99 million read issues worldwide last year shows that newspaper subscriptions are by no means out of fashion if they offer the right thing. So the bottom line is that it’s all worth it for both subscribers and investors. Readly is valued at more than 130 million euros on the stock exchange.

“Readly” wants to be Netflix of the newspapers

The service sees itself as Netflix or Spotify for newspapers. In just one app, subscribers get access to over 5,000 international magazines, journals and daily newspapers. Optimized for smartphones, tablets and all common browsers. Also included: Time Magazine, Forbes, Die Welt, Börse Online, CHIP and Auto Bild, among others.

To the special offer (without binding):

Get two months of Readly for 1.99 euros!

In the coming months in particular, reading various newspapers beyond the purely online content will be a good idea. You stand at the airport, train station or holiday destination and buy one or the other magazine. This is usually more expensive than a whole Readly subscription by the second piece at the latest. So the service is an interesting thing, especially for the summer and for traveling.

Readly Magazine: Which ones are there?

Readly has a lot to offer in the genres of technology, economics, politics, finance, business, newspapers, cars, music and sports. The highlights include the following publishers:

  • Time Magazine
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Stock exchange online
  • Simply stock market
  • StartupValley
  • Profit
  • Euro
  • Profile
  • WITH.
  • The world
  • Computer picture
  • Chip
  • Mac Life
  • Macwelt Special
  • iPhone & iPad Life
  • Futurezone
  • Connect
  • Wired
  • Car picture
  • Playboy
  • Home idea
  • Cooking and enjoying
  • Spectrum of science
  • … and many more

Readly offers a wide range of magazines and daily newspapers. (Image: Readly)

Features of the Readly app

In addition to an interesting magazine scope, Readly has some modern features that are supposed to make reading magazines flexible and easy. These include:

  • Size selection with 5,000+ magazines
  • Local: Lots of titles from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Per month terminable
  • App for iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Browserversion for Mac and PC
  • Offline reading function in the app for on the go
  • Become a favorite synchronized across devices
  • Family suitability: 1 subscription offers 5 profiles
  • Archive included: Old issues of the magazines are also available

Offer for t3n readers: 2 months Readly for 1.99 euros

With the current “Summer Deal” Readly also wants to convince users who have so far kept their distance from subscriptions. Instead of 19.98 euros, you currently only pay 1.99 euros once for the first two months. From the third month onwards, the regular 9.99 euros per month will be charged. Do you not like it? The service can be canceled on a monthly basis, i.e. before the third month.

Now it is important to be quick: The campaign runs until August 1st, 2021. For those who want to read a little more over the summer, the two euros are an attractive opportunity to dive into the world of magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

To the special offer (without binding):

Get two months of Readly for 1.99 euros

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