Dan Houser returns to the video game industry

The former iconic figure of Rockstar Games founded the studio Absurd Ventures in Games.

Discreet in its own way (acquisition of a luxurious home in Los Angeles for $ 16.5 million in August 2020, a sum much higher than that paid in 2012 to afford the former mansion of Truman Capote in the Brooklyn neighborhood At New York) since his surprising departure from Rockstar Games, Dan Houser decided to return to the UK, and more specifically to the offices at 1 Ashley Road based in Altrincham (Cheshire), to create the development studio Absurd Ventures in Games.

The start of a new adventure for Dan Houser?

If the emblematic co-founder and vice-president of Rockstar Games, but also screenwriter of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, has yet to speak with an official statement, Companies House, the UK equivalent of the Trade and Companies Register, ranks well Absurd Ventures in Games as a “developer of off-the-shelf interactive entertainment and entertainment software,” while indicating that Dan Houser serves as a producer and creative director.

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