Danger of drift for Switch OLED: the joycons are the same

There are no major differences for the detachable controllers of the next version of the Nintendo hybrid console

(Photo: Nintendo)

One of the greatest expectations on the new version of the hybrid console Nintendo Switch concerned the Detachable Joy-Con controllers and, more precisely, the fragility that led to the manifestation of infamous drift, or the ghostly movements that often make the gaming experience almost impossible. Instead, i controllers should be exactly the same of the current version.

This was stated by a Nintendo representative interviewed by the Amercian portal Polygon: “The configuration and functionality of the Joy-Con controllers does not change on the Nintendo Switch OLED model“. In short, the detachable appendages are the same: the danger that the drift can also affect the new version cannot be given for certain, but since it depends on the hardware components used it is more than likely.

At the center of numerous class action around the world, including Europe, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con aren’t the only controllers to suffer from drift, as recently emerged that also the colleague DualSense of Ps5 present the same problem as the ghost commands. From the analysis of the internal components of iFixit, the weak link seems to be attributable to the potentiometers – who perceive the direction and intensity of the movements impressed by the fingertips on the levers – produced by Alps Alpine, destined to stop functioning correctly after just 2 million cycles, or after 4-7 months playing two hours a day. On some titles the drift makes the gameplay very complicated like for example Pokémon Snap, but also in general those in which a character has to be directed.

Meanwhile, the Italian price for Nintendo Switch Oled which will be 349.99 euros as anticipated from the order on GameStopZing which has also already published the discount program in case you deliver the old version (or other console).

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