Decoration chain wanted to open 100 branches: Now the discounter is going completely different ways

Hema wanted to open 100 branches by 2020

Growth apparently stagnated due to the corona.

At the start in 2017, the Dutch started with eleven branches. Of the planned 2.5 million euros, the company already set four million euros within a short period of time. Hema responded with an ambitious goal. With new store openings, sales should also increase.

Most of the first Hema branches were located in northern Germany. The stores were supplied from central warehouses in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. By 2020, the number of German Hema branches should gradually grow to 100, Beatrice Shell, the head of Hema Germany at the time, confirmed to industry services (CHIP reported).

At the same time, Hema strove to expand in Austria and Spain. It is now known: Hema concentrates on the domestic market in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Hema will also remain with branches in France for the time being.

That is why Hema was also successful in Germany

The concept of the Dutch giant is easy to explain. The company relies on housewares, decorative items and some confectionery. The products appeal to a younger target group.

Hema wanted to divert market share from the suppliers Butlers, Depot and Flying Tiger in the decoration market. For this, the company waived cents.

Instead of 2.99 euros, the candle costs around three euros. A pillow was available for 13.50 euros instead of 13.49 euros. In the Netherlands, the discounter rounds the smaller cents up or down at the checkout. There are no clothes or shoes at the deco discounter. “There is too much competition from Lidl, Aldi, H&M or C&A,” explained Schell.

Hema focuses on popular shopping streets, train stations, airports and shopping centers. Most of the branches are centrally located in city centers. If the reports are confirmed, other providers could take over these branches.

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