Degree Class L-01 Three-year Degree in Cultural Heritage

Il three-year degree course in Cultural Heritage (L-01) provides a very heterogeneous panorama of teaching: it goes from historical, linguistic-literary and geographic-anthropological to some more linked to the juridical-economic universe, providing a preparation that gives access to numerous job opportunities In this compound.

There aren’t many online university that offer this type of path, but it is not excluded that given the growing attention given by companies to this type of teaching in this period, that new training opportunities can be opened up. If you are interested in attending the Degree Class L-01 Three-year Degree in Cultural Heritage fill out the form at the end of this guide by entering your personal data and you will be contacted free of charge and without obligation by one of our consultants who will be at your disposal to solve problems and answer your questions, making you obtain an advantageous price for your fee. In the meantime, keep reading: in the next paragraph we will tell you more about Cultural Heritage Online and we will explain why this might be the best choice for your future.

Cultural Heritage L-01 in Online Universities

L’telematic university in Cultural Heritage, as we mentioned a few lines above, does not have a great response in terms of addresses. There is only one short degree course in Conservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage (L-01) from Uninettuno. In this table you will find precisely summarized all the characteristics:

note: it Orientation Desk of AteneiOnline can offer assistance in the registration phase and in the request for CFU recognition, reduced rates and concessions financial exclusive, only for courses ad facilitated registration.

  • Cultural Heritage (Operator and expert in Cultural Heritage and Digital Memory)

  • Uninettuno

    Cultural Heritage (Operator and expert in Cultural Heritage and Landscapes: languages ​​and codes of mediation)

As for the master’s degree, however, you can count on Classical Archaeology (LM-02) from Unitelma Sapienza, but we will tell you about this in another guide. Attending an online university offers many advantages: enrollments are open all year round and you can enroll without having to pass any entrance test. You can start preparing yourself on Cultural Heritage Online (L-01) at any time: just fill in the forms, pay the tuition and access the student area: virtual classrooms, teaching materials, direct contacts with teachers and tutors, everything is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. study and work at the same time, training in your free time, early in the morning or late in the evening. If you do it with commitment and dedication, you may soon have already graduated with a degree recognized by the MIUR and valid for taking part in competitions and looking for work in any type of company. In the next paragraph we will tell you about job opportunities of L-01 Cultural Heritage.

Cultural Heritage L-01: expected job opportunities

The job opportunities for Cultural Heritage they are many and very varied, thanks to the large amount of teachings it gives. With Cultural Heritage L-01 online you can become:

  • Journalist
  • Art critic
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Seo
  • Pr and Event organizer
  • archivist and librarian
  • manager and presenter of artistic performances
  • restorer
  • technician in the organization of radio, television, cinema and theater production
  • employee at municipal theaters and civic museums
  • touristic operator
  • employed inside a gallery
  • manager of non-profit associations
  • employed in national and international companies

If you want to have more information about it or know the costs of online universities to understand whether or not it might be the right choice for you, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be contacted free of charge and without obligation by our team of experts in Cultural Heritage L-01. A call will suffice to understand if this is the most appropriate solution for you and then you can proceed with the enrollment starting to study right away and not having to wait for the delays typical of public universities!

Cultural Heritage L-01: what can be taught? The competition classes

Let’s start with the basics: to access the competition for teaching, it is necessary to have obtained a master’s degree. Therefore, a three-year degree is not enough. Having said that, once the three-year degree title L-01 has been obtained, to continue the university path more similar masterpieces I am:

  • LM 2 – Archeology
  • LM 5 – Archival and Library Science
  • LM 10 – Conservation of architectural and environmental heritage
  • LM 11 – Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage
  • LM 45 – Musicology and cultural heritage

Having obtained the master’s degree, it will be sufficient to register for the competition, take it and try to climb the ranking. Remember that to carry out this profession you will need 24 credits in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies that you can achieve within the telematic university that you will choose for your path. Now all you have to do is fill in the form below to get in touch with our team of experts in Degree Class L-01 Three-year Degree in Online Cultural Heritage and kickstart your career and studies in this beautiful industry.

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