Degree Code LM-39: Master’s Degree in Linguistics (Online)

The LM-39 master’s degree class in Linguistics is a course of study that offers you the opportunity to deepen all the precepts related to the morphological and syntactic aspects, as well as the historical and cultural aspects of languages. The ultimate goal is to train professional profiles of scholars and experts on the subject to introduce them within companies, cultural institutions and schools.

Il Master’s degree program in Linguistics (LM-39) specifically studies the characteristics of human verbal language to use the language structure as a springboard for different professions. It is a highly appreciated path in the university panorama because it forms eclectic and competent graduates in different disciplines such as literature and philology who can then be applied in numerous sectors.

To learn more about all the features of Online Linguistics (LM-39) continue reading this guide which will provide you with all the information you need. Then at the end, you will find a table to fill in to be contacted free of charge and without obligation by a team of experts who will be able to help you in choosing the university path that best suits your needs.

LM-39 Linguistics in Online Universities

Il LM-39 degree course in Linguistics in Italy it is proposed by only one of the online universities recognized by the Miuras you can see in the table below:

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  • Modern Linguistics



To obtain admission to the Bachelor of Science in Linguistics you will not need any entrance test: access is free and registration is open all year round. You will only need to be in possession of a three-year degree consistent with your study path and possibly, if you have already taken exams, apply for the recognition of educational credits. The advantage of studying Lettere Online in an online university is that you will be able to study and work at the same time without having to give up on a career quickly or delaying your apprenticeship due to the obligation to attend.

The Online Linguistics Master’s Degree Course is proposed as a natural continuation of a series of short degrees:

  • L-3 Disciplines of the figurative arts, music, entertainment and fashion
  • L-10, Letters
  • L-11 Modern Languages ​​and Cultures
  • L-12 Linguistic mediation
  • L-19 Education and training sciences

At the end of this path and also acquired the I. 24 CFU in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies you can proceed with the competition for the qualification to teach for the class LM-39 in Linguistics. In no time you could find yourself practicing your profession and teaching the subjects you love so much.

Linguistics LM-39: expected job opportunities

With the degree in Linguistics (LM-39) you will have at your disposal a series of really interesting possibilities in terms of job opportunities; in addition to teaching, which we will talk about in the last paragraph, you can practice within:

  • Newspapers and publishing houses
  • Marketing agencies
  • Language centers, public and private bodies and associations that deal with language training in Italy and abroad
  • Cultural heritage
  • Companies that deal with translation within the national and international context
  • Consultancy agencies for the design and implementation of inter-linguistic and intercultural mediations
  • Companies for the organization and management of innovative forms of structured linguistics but also coordination, editing and proofreading

The possibilities offered by the telematic universities of Online Linguistics (LM-39) they are truly varied and are suitable for the multipotentiality that is emerging within the Italian student body. You can start your career without yet having a precise idea of ​​the profession that you can practice later and then through a series of work experiences specialize in a specific sector, with the peace of mind of knowing that this course of study is always in great demand by companies. If, on the other hand, your dream is teaching, scroll down the article to learn about the competition classes for Online Linguistics (LM-39).

Linguistics LM-39: what can be taught? The competition classes

The competition classes dedicated to LM-39 degree class in Linguistics I am:

  • A-11 Literary and Latin disciplines
  • A-12 Literary disciplines in upper secondary education institutions
  • A-13 Literary disciplines, Latin and Greek
  • A-21 Geography
  • A-22 Italian, history, geographyin lower secondary school
  • A-23 Italian language for foreign language learners (alloglots)
  • A-24 Foreign languages ​​and cultures in upper secondary education institutions
  • A-25 English language and second community language in lower secondary school
  • A-54 Art history
  • A-70 Italian, history and civic education, geographyin the lower secondary school with Slovenian teaching language
  • A-71 Slovenian, history and civics, geographyin the lower secondary school with Slovene or bilingual teaching language in Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • A-72 Literary disciplines (Italian as a second language) in secondary schools with a Slovenian or bilingual language of instruction in Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • A-73 Literary disciplines in upper secondary education institutions with Slovenian or bilingual teaching languages ​​in Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • A-74 Literary and Latin disciplines with Slovenian teaching language
  • A-75 Literary disciplinesLatin and Greek with Slovenian teaching language
  • A-77 Ladin language and culture, history and civic education, geographyin the lower secondary school with Ladin teaching language
  • A-78 Italian (second language), history and civic education, geography, in the lower secondary school with German teaching language
  • A-79 Literary disciplines (Italian as a second language) in secondary education institutions in German
  • A-80 Literary disciplines in secondary schools of secondary education in German and with German teaching language in the Ladin towns
  • A-81 Literary and Latin disciplines in high schools in German and with the language of instruction, German of the Ladin localities
  • A-82 Literary disciplinesLatin and Greek in the classical high school in German and with the German teaching language of the Ladin localities
  • A-83 Literary disciplines (German as second language) in secondary education institutions in the Italian language of the province of Bolzano
  • A-84 Tedesco (second language), history and civics, geographyin the lower secondary school with Italian teaching language in the province of Bolzano
  • A-85 German history and civics, geography, in the lower secondary school in German and with German teaching language

Now that you have all the information you just have to decide and proceed with the enrollment. AteneiOnline experts are at your disposal to help you along this path, to get in touch with them just fill out the form on the page!

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