development of the 5G modem at a slow pace due to legal problems

Recently we talked about it of the introduction of a proprietary 5G modem from Apple to equip with iPhone and the fact that due to some delaysunlike what was initially hypothesized, this will not happen with the “iPhone by” models arriving in 2023. Initially it was believed that the problems were of a functional nature, while now we learn that these are difficulties of the type link.

Apple: Delays with proprietary 5G chip due to legal issues

More precisely, according to what has emerged over the last few hours, it seems that in order to design its own chip, Apple needs to invalidate two patents owned by Qualcomm. However, this battle is still ongoing, despite the agreement found over the years between the two companies regarding the supply of 5G modems, in fact Qualcomm has produced the modems present on the current iPhone 13.

Unfortunately for Apple, a few days ago the Supreme Court of the United States rejected the Cupertino company’s request for appeal, confirming the validity of the aforementioned intellectual properties. This could be a big problem for Apple, considering that the development of a proprietary 5G modem would risk violating Qualcomm’s two patents, which would be in an advantageous position and could therefore win a possible lawsuit.

The only possible solution to this is to try to find a new agreement, which foresees that Apple will go to renew the patent licenses, paying the far from low figure that Qualcomm will ask for. Subsequently, the “bitten apple” company will be able to start using its 5G chips.

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