Did Google want to block the Samsung Galaxy Store?

Google received a new one antitrust complaint from 37 US states for possible anticompetitive conduct in the distribution market of app Android. In the last few hours, some details have emerged on the practices implemented by the Mountain View company to hinder the growth of Samsung Galaxy Store.

Google: competition is a virus to be eliminated

The complaint filed by 37 attorneys general cites some tactics that Google allegedly used to control the distribution of Android apps. In particular, the Mountain View company would have tried in every way to get in the way the growth of the Samsung store. This would be done by offering incentives for developers who distributed apps exclusively through the Play Store.

Google would also have signed “revenue share” agreements with producers who they do not install third-party app stores on their devices and attempted to pay Samsung directly to persuade the Korean manufacturer to abandon relations with major developers.

According to the attorneys general, some practices would be a consequence of Epic Games’ choice to offer the Fortnite game through Samsung Galaxy Store in 2018 in order not to pay 30% commission to Google. In the complaint it is written that the competition in the distribution of the apps is considered by the Mountain View company a virus to eliminate. In the complaint filed by Epic Games against Google (about a year ago) this behavior is highlighted: OnePlus has terminated the agreement that provided for the installation of a Fortnite launcher, while LG was unable to install the Epic Games app on the devices.

In the post published on the official blog, Google points out that Android users can find apps on other stores or on developer sites. Manufacturers can also install other app stores. There is therefore no constraint for the distribution of the apps.

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