Discover the new look of Word, Excel, PowerPoint on Windows 11

New features for Microsoft Office on Windows 11: rounded edges, clean style, dark mode …

Microsoft Office: new look for a new OS. © Microsoft

The upcoming arrival of Windows 11 is accompanied by many new functionalities but also graphics. In one blog post, Microsoft has just announced that its Office office suite will also benefit from a new design, without changing its mode of operation.

The tools in the suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Project, Publisher and Visio) will therefore have a new appearance in line with that of Windows 11, for ” a seamless experience As Microsoft explains.

A clean style

First major change: Software windows will have rounded edges, like all activity windows in Windows 11.

Then, the famous color strip (green for Excel, blue for Word, orange for PowerPoint, etc.) visible at the top of the software window will disappear in favor of a gray strip, more neutral for a more immersive rendering in the operating system. This banner will also have a more refined look since it will only contain the title of your document and a search bar.

© Microsoft

Another change in this new design, the quick access toolbar, which allowed frequently used commands to be placed at the top of the window, is inactive by default. It is possible to reactivate it, it will then appear at the bottom of the control panel.

Dark fashion in the Office suite

The theme of the Office suite will adapt to the one selected for your operating system. So if you have chosen a dark theme, so will the software in the office suite.

© Microsoft

Of course, you will have the possibility to personalize the presentation and return to a clear theme.

You can now discover the new design of Microsoft Office in the Windows 11 beta which was deployed recently. Please note, only Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote can be tested with this new visual.

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