does the duration of validity change?

Since the end of September, the time of the validity of the Green Pass obtained after undergoing the vaccine and seems to one year. Now a turnaround is not ruled out, bringing it back to nine months as it was at first. It is one of the changes that could be introduced with regards to certification.

New for the Green Pass: duration, revocation and more

This was anticipated by Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health. For what reason? If new data or studies suggest aless long-lasting efficacy of the administration, we will act accordingly. In this way, the numbers of the terza dose booster which from next month can also be inoculated to over 40s.

According to the microbiologist Andrea Crisanti, six months after the completion of the vaccination cycle COVID-19 protection decreases from 95% to 40%, potentially exposing a contagion and transmission of the virus, while that from illness and severe symptoms drops from 95% to 65%.

The hypothesis of revising the duration of the Green Pass issued to those healed from the pathology. For those who have obtained the certification and then fall ill, the revocation.

To date, according to official report of the Government, the administration campaign it reached 86.66% of the population over 12 (83.92% completed the cycle). The number of green certificates issued instead it exceeded the quota of 121 million, 790,800 only yesterday (Thursday 11 November), most of which with a swab.

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