Domini .it, the heart that beats in the Italy that is starting again

Company, what is your identity? Professional, who are you offering your services to? Question marks of this type rained down on the heads of thousands of companies and freelancers who, suddenly naked in the face of the enigma of the pandemic, immediately (almost violently) had to deal with a changed context that brought them to light. all frailties. Those who had worked well before found themselves faced with important opportunities; many others have had to reinvent themselves and to do so they all started from the same step: recording a dominio .it that could distinguish, define, identify.

Thanks to the data of the Registro .it we can now evaluate not only the trend of domain names in Italy, but also the reflection of a business sector that had to seek an immediate answer to a question that had never been asked, nor had ever imagined.

The .it was the answer to the pandemic

The data available in the .it Registry report (pdf) relating to the first quarter of 2021 are clear:

The pandemic, in fact, has accelerated the digital transition process, has radically changed the habits and lifestyle of all of us and the Net has become our best ally to be able to work, study, buy and spend free time. For many businesses and freelancers, the Internet has proved to be an opportunity to be able to cope with the economic crisis, even if, in many cases, it was an almost obligatory choice. The analysis showed that, during 2020, there was a significant increase in new registrations (592,821), equal to 13.25% more than in 2019 (523,449).

April 2020 was the apex of this parable, with a 40% increase in registrations compared to the previous year: lockdown effect, in short, on companies that were looking for an opportunity in the network to continue operating. The history of the last few months tells us clearly: this choice has rewarded most of those who have been able to quickly embrace this process of change and all that it requires: a .it domain, new payment systems, presence on social networks , online assistance. The .it is the tip of an iceberg made up of opportunities, the starting point for a new and potentially rich path, but above all the beginning to better define one’s way of being on the market.

The answer, however, was very different. In 2020, registrations by freelancers have grown above all (evidently the segment previously lagging behind on this front), even with a + 113% between April 2019 and April 2020. Furthermore, many companies have remained stuck, unable to provide a “digital” response by virtue of a cultural gap that it has often made more traditional SMEs blind to the opportunities available.

This entrepreneurial undergrowth, once flourishing in what was the market of the past, does not appear in the report of the .it Registry: they are the companies that we will not find online, they are the brands that we will not be able to search on Google, they are the companies that we will not be able to to reach. They are the invisible, those who have not yet perceived as vital the need to be found, to be known and to open the doors to those who are looking for their own experience. They are market fringes at risk, because they have not yet fully understood that there are completely vital and indispensable opportunities around the corner.

Digital them by chance

How many brands have not realized how much value they still have to express? Not everyone has in-house skills and awareness necessary to take a similar step. The project Digital by Case was born precisely to respond to this type of companies, trying to provide them with the opening words for a reflection: what could happen if only the brand tried to take a step towards the Internet, towards new markets, towards customers that it does not yet know or perhaps knows intercept?

Relying on the sympathy of Patrizio Roversi, Digital by Case throughout 2020 met those companies, professionals and entrepreneurs who, thanks to the Web, have found their own new identity. Identity, that’s right: a new way of being even before a new way of doing. Ice cream shops e doors and windows, truffles O toys, oysters e pharmacy: the sector does not matter, but the ability to understand what a .it domain can represent for a new way of doing market, making itself known, intercepting a new audience and seeking a restart beyond the ups and downs of the economy.

Digital by chance: all the stories

Digitali per Caso is meant to be an encouragement and food for thought: if they did it, why not give it a try? Why throw away an opportunity just when an opportunity is the most precious thing you can find? Small video pills that tell great success stories, all born in the microcosm of a very small business that has become something much bigger thanks to the Web, thanks to digital, thanks to a journey that began with the step of registering a .it domain.

Digital by chance or by necessity, by intuition or by ability, in any case digital: present where the market requires it, live where the market is knocking. In the stories wanted by the .it Registry there is the beating heart of an Italy that looks beyond the obstacle: digital by chance, or by vocation, or perhaps simply as the maximum expression of a congenital virtue.

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