Draft is perhaps the most comprehensive word processing program ever!

Tools for working on texts are a dime a dozen – but especially when it comes to working with others, there is a crunch. In our tool tip we introduce you to a draft that could be something like the GitHub for texts.

Anyone who writes texts regularly is very familiar with the many shortcomings of the various word processing programs. A sticking point is often the cooperation with others – of course there are also marked changes in Word, Pages and Co., but over time a text becomes confusing. At a certain point, it is almost impossible to understand who has noted what or would change what and when. It has to be better.

Draft is the GitHub for texts

Nathan Kontny knows the problems that professional copywriters have when dealing with software and tools – and without further ado he wrote a solution that could also be called the GitHub for text: Draft takes version control and collaboration in copywriting to a really new level.

The biggest difference to Google Docs and other cloud solutions is that changes in Draft do not replace the previous text, but are saved in a separate document. There the: the author: in can then decide whether the proposed changes should be accepted – or not. The whole process remains clear, even with many adjustments and corrections, nobody has to dig through umpteen bubbles at the edge of a document to find the one comment that is relevant.

In Draft, suggestions for changes are collected in a new document (here in the middle) – they do not “clog” the view of the original text. (Screenshot: Draft / t3n)

The possibility to mark and save important intermediate steps is equally practical. So it is no problem to easily reintegrate a paragraph into the text that you have written and then deleted.

Almost finished!

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Draft’s functionality is huge – really

The range of functions of Draft is really immense – the tool is compatible with content management systems such as WordPress, supports Markdown and also works with platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter or Linkedin – even drafts for the Newsletter sender Mailchimp can be created in Draft. Also to one Chrome-Extension thought Kontny.

Journalists in particular should benefit from Draft’s transcription function. The sound or video file is simply uploaded and displayed in the document. Annoying clicking back and forth between a media player and the text document is a thing of the past.

The list of features includes significantly more than the functions presented here. Anyone who has become curious should take a look at the entire list. Draft costs in the Member-Versionwhich includes beta access to new features and exchanges with other writers, $ 3.99 per month or $ 39.99 for a year.

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