Ducati MotoE, the new chapter of the electric motorcycle opens

Aluminum, carbon fiber and lithium: these are the three elements that are shaping the new one Ducati MotoE, the electric motorcycle protagonist of the next MotoE World Cup 2023, the class of electric racing motorcycles that compete in the World Championship. On behalf of dornathe Spanish company that manages the commercial part of the world championship, Ducati’s electric will replace the Ego produced by Energica Motor Company already from four championships. This is how the joint staff of Ducati and Ducati Corse designed the new Borgo Panigale lightning bolt.

Ducati MotoE has a maximum power of 150 horsepower and a torque of 140 Nm. Its 21 kg electric motor can run at 18,000 rpm and is powered by one 18 kWh battery. Currently, the maximum speed reached on the Mugello circuit is 275 km / h and will be able to complete at least 7 laps of the track. He will do it keeping their own stable performance as per Dorna’s mandate whose additional constraint was a maximum weight of 237 kg. Indeed, Ducati MotoE has a total weight of 225 kilograms of which 46% on the rear and 54% on the front with a wheelbase of 1 meter and 47 centimeters. Just to make a comparison, in MotoGP the minimum weight is 157 kg.

The Ducati MotoE powertrain

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The battery, as expected, contributes for 110 kg, but becomes an integral part of the frame. It’s composed by 1152 cylindrical cells designed to better occupy every little space of the carbon fiber shell. These are recharged with an alternating current socket of 20 kW from zero to eighty percent in 45 minutes. Top-up that can be done as soon as the ride is over. The cooling system, in fact, has two circuits: one for the battery and one for the motor / inverter which recovers energy during braking.

We are only at the beginning of this electric adventure. “There MotoE is our most strategic project; builds the future of motorcycles as a fun object. A future that is not yet fully charted in which, however, it is necessary to develop technologies, knowledge and skills to develop high-performance vehicles for customers who are not looking for mobility, but for emotions.” he claims Claudio DomenicaliCEO of Ducati Motor Holding.

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