Eero, the discount is a Prime exclusive (but also not)

Amazon Prime subscribers have an interesting opportunity available: buy three mesh routers from the Eero range at an overall price that is lower than that of the related bundle. By doing so, it is possible to extensively cover any home or office, reaching decidedly large sizes (up to 460 square meters) at an absolutely unique cost: 192 euros instead of 259 eurosHere’s how. Eero, here’s how to get the discount The offer is for the single model (not bundle) of the eero range. Its price, which usually gravitates around 99 euros, is knocked down for a few hours 64 euro with an extra 35% discount. But be careful: this is a discount reserved for Amazon Prime subscribers only. All those who already have an active subscription therefore have to click here and order how many Eero can be used to cover their environments as completely as possible (about 140 meters each).Router eeroWho is not a subscriber to Amazon primeinstead, it can subscribe now knowing you have 1 month free trial available. Within this month it will be possible to take advantage of the discount on eero (today) and the next one Prime Day (21 and 22 June). At the end of the trial month you can freely choose whether to keep the subscription active, and thus enjoy the Champions League on Prime Video during the next football season, or to terminate the subscription at no cost. This article contains affiliate links: purchases or orders placed through these links will allow our site to receive a commission.

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